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Welcome to the Copenhagen Cycling Club 'Dirt Adventures' section

Welcome to the Copenhagen Cycling Club 'Dirt Adventures' section

A couple of new initiatives will see the day of light here at Copenhagen Cycling Club in the coming months, and one of them will be the introduction of the  Copenhagen Cycling Club "Dirt Adventures" section on our homepage, which we introduce to you with the hope of spicing up your local dirt rides a bit, as they tent to bore us a bit when we've been shredding those same ol' trails and unbeaten paths for a while now, right ?. The"Dirt Adventures" section will bring to you the "ROUTES OF THE MONTH" section, where we apart from sharing the navi files, also will include a detailed description and images on what you should pay attention to when riding these routes, which should inspire you a little more to go out and test them. So, this is a share-point for you, the community, and we strongly recommend you to give inputs, ideas and recommendations etc, in order to make this as valuable as possible for all you dirt-heads around Copenhagen and abroad, who loves to explore. 

We will also introduce new events, races and even travels in 2022, so please keep an eye on this place for more info on adventures going down around your hood in the coming months - we can't wait to share this stuff with you. 

Oh, BTW If you haven't signed up for our next event please enjoy 15% discount today by using code "CCC" at checkout in link below. It will be a dirt party to remember with lots of great sponsors in our expo area and prizes from Enve, Dometic, POC, Wahoo and many more.

The Gravel Crit - De sjællandske Mesterskaber i Grus


Buresø - First Dirty Series Route feb 2020

The first one we will share with you, was the first route our friends from Dirty Series shared back in the winter of 2019/2020 when they hosted the Strava Gravel Cup. So maybe some of you are familiar with it already, but nevertheless, it will take you through some larger forest areas west of Farum. 
The route is a beginners route without too technical passages, and on the Navi side, it will be easy to follow with your GPS. Primarily large and wide gravel roads. Approx 70% gravel on this one. It will start out in Hareskoven and after 10 km you will find your way into Ganløse Ore. The name "Ore" means "outfield/Udmark" and has especially been used about forests which, like Ganløse Ore, are located in a hilly landscape far from the villages and therefore have not been suitable for cultivation
Further out west, you will pass Buresø. The name of the lake can be traced back to the 16th century. Buresø means "the lake by a small cage, small house or shed" The route will turn back towards Copenhagen after reaching Lystrup forest, which is one of the large contiguous forests that once covered most of North Zealand. "Inside" the forest, you will find the Devil's Track. A MTB single track that demands some proper handling skills when you tackle it on the MTB, so this time, we recommend you NOT to give it a go on your gravel bike;-) - and don't worry, it's not part of the route. On your way back, you will hit some classic dirt roads with fields on both sides ending up south of Ganløse, where from direction again will head towards Væreløse and Hareskoven. Both starting and end points will be at Hareskoven and in total you will get a 58km gravel route.
Enjoy l
link to route below. 




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