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MOSAIC Bespoke Bicycles

MOSAIC Bespoke Bicycles

There’s many ways of appreciating bike riding and for bike geeks like me that appreciation really came to life first time I decided to try a fully custom build frame from one of the many great frame builders around the world - the feeling of being one with you equipment is second to none when riding a bespoke bicycle, correct, it’s not cheap, but a priority as with many other things in life. I prefer to ride a bike build entirely for me and look forward to every ride because of the excitement I get every time I climb up on the saddle of a bike build for me and the way my body is shaped. One of the awesome things with Insta (one of the few) when talking bikes, is the accessibility you get to the world of bespoke bicycles, build in small specialty workshops around the world, and the first time I saw a @mosaiccycles displayed on a mountain side somewhere in US, I got that “would, should, must” feeling again and decided to pull the trigger, (again) and get myself a premium titanium hand-build bespoke bicycle. Aaron Barcheck knows his art and craftsmanship, Founder of @mosaiccycles based in Boulder, Colorado, Aaron and his small team of creators has built out a family of on and off-road titanium bikes based on a four phase process (tailor, draft, craft, compose)taking the customer from idea to reality in just around 8 weeks (currently 12 due to demand), which is really unique when you think about the details that goes into building a Mosaic Titanium frame. At CCC you will be taken good care of if you decide to invest in a Mosaic cycle, and we have teamed up with the best “fitters” and mechanics in town to make sure you get the full treatment throughout the whole process. We will also have a sample bike displayed in our shop, which will give you a good idea about what the final product will look like, and we have the components to top it of nicely so you, the customer, gets exactly what you want.

Reach out and book an appointment via mail or call the store at +45 2072 7777 and we’ll make sure to take you through the process getting one step closer to your dream bike. 

// Ulrich Scheibelein (Founder) 

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