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What’s Cooking at CCC

What’s Cooking at CCC

It’s been a while since our last blog post - It has been some crazy busy months organising events, prepping the shop for the summer and looking into our next move when it comes to organising new events for YOU, the community. The 2022 event calendar (when it comes to GRAVEL) is jam packed this year after a "dry" event year in 21 due to COVID , and so far we haven’t been able to actually attend some of the races ourselves. That changed last weekend, when we Saturday March 26, attended "ULVEN UNSUPPORTED GRAVEL" in Hjallerup which is located in the Northern part of Denmark. The weather was more than approved, and even thou we haven’t had the time to prepare properly for such races, the mood was at its best when Mr. Cent Cole Challenge, Adam Eritzøe, picked me up at home Friday afternoon. After 4 hours on the highway with Tool blasting out the speakers, we arrived late Friday night at Hjallerup Inn, where we pretty quickly went to sleep to be well rested and ready for the race the next day at 10am. Saturdays weather forecast didn’t disappoint, and spring showed it’s pretty face when we Saturday morning arrived at Sven Svenningsens farm outside Hjallerup 1 hour prior to race start. The atmosphere at these grassroots gravel events is probably one of our favourite things about gravel in general - everyone attending is eager to contribute to the growing community around this discipline, and all the smiling volunteers just cements the brotherhood culture this sport has to offer, and this morning in Hjallerup was no different. Fantastic event expo, low key, and with just the right vibe of an American grassroots event, well done guys.

The route was fantastic and extremely challenging with its 140K of gnarly, hilly, rough gravel terrain - I managed to pick up a call from my friend who watched the store this Saturday due to my absence, and already there I was dropped and decided to just dig deep and started chasing with the only ambition to get a good day of training in the book. All in all a fantastic day in the saddle, and high fives to Velofit and Sven for throwing such a great event. Note to self - train more if you want to hang on to the pack, and don’t answer your phone at the beginning of a race ;-)

Photo cred ULVEN: @nwr_productions

Yesterday we wrapped up the 2022 "The Gravel Series, where @dirty_series and Copenhagen Cycling Club for the first time have joined forces, to bring you a series of events where race, party-in-the-back and community was the common denominator for what we are trying to achieve. Yesterday we hosted "The Most Dirty Day" together with a group of participants from this years series, and what a day, and what a weather. Sun was shining the entire day, despite of a quite chilly morning, and the day was topped of with BBQ at @cafeparforce - big thanks to the team at Klampenborg Station for helping out with much needed equipment during the events, and for housing this years last event. Also a huge THANKS to you, the people from the DK gravel community, for bringing smiles and good vibes to all of our events - these events would be nothing without you. BIG THANKS.


Photo cred "The Most Dirty Day" : Signe Koch 

With our mission to bring the best of off-road cycling to Copenhagen, we will introduce two new brands next month into our portfolio of stuff we love. Quoc Shoes and Albion Cycling from UK - these are two brands that we have been following for a long time now, and we truly believe that they will fit nicely into CCCs concept, due to their outstanding quality and attention to details and functionality. Keep an eye on our newsletter when these two new brands go live, we hope you like 'em


Photo cred from 3 edition of "The Gravel Series": Borg Studio v/Emil Møller

 “But do you guys even ride Road”, is a question we often get, and yes, we actually do, but it’s no secret that we love the dirt roads and the peace you get from riding in the woods. We have teamed up with a few strong riders that will help us shred some tarmac, and we are planning to offer both gravel and road rides on a weekly basis starting mid April and throughout the summer. All rides will be announced on our event page on Facebook and on our STRAVA Club site, so keep an eye for all new events coming up soon. 

We are also planning a big event just prior to the Grand Depart in Copenhagen this year together with some of our great sponsors, brands and media partners- this one will pay tribute to the history of the tour, and how it back in the days was raced on different surfaces as a full blown “all-roads” event, where dirt and tarmac was equally ridden through some epic stages only documented through historic images. Let’s pay tribute to Le Tour together, and come join this event on June 22nd, more info here


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The Goats 2023 - By Joachim Lindhardt

The Goats 2023 - By Joachim Lindhardt

Welcome to the Copenhagen Cycling Club 'Dirt Adventures' section

Welcome to the Copenhagen Cycling Club 'Dirt Adventures' section


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