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THE CLUB - A new Community Hub and a Coffee Joint all in one.

THE CLUB community hub and coffee shop

We have listened and opened a new space under the name “THE CLUB”. A community hub for all-roads cyclist and coffee lovers of all kind - you don’t need a bike to drink coffee with your best friends, family or loved ones. THE CLUB is literally for EVERYONE. 




Copenhagen Cycling Club started as a destination for all-roads cycling, gear n stuff, and after a successful 1st year building the foundation of the community that surrounds us, we decided to turn up the “HYGGE” and give our community and neighborhood a club and coffee house, where everyone is more than welcome to come and hang. There will be events, product launches, rides and much more going out from THE CLUB. 


Traditional Italian Espresso


Back in 2016 we had a dream of connecting people through coffee, cycling and community but due to an extremely busy work life trying to balance a packed schedule across family and work combined with rides in between, that dream wasn’t fully redeemed unfortunately, that’s life, right ? What you might not know is that @copenhagencyclingclub started as a virtual cycling club with an established and equipped micro roastery in the basement where founder Ulrich Scheibelein / AKA. ‘Ulle’ lived - wife wasn’t too happy thou with the strong smell of burned green beans that embraced the house, but he succeeded in bringing what he thought was the perfect combination of what a modern Espresso should be like. The blend was named “Miscela Di Forza” which symbolised the strength of the 5 times Tour winner Jacques Anquetil, and was supposed to be a series of blends that dived into the many taste pallets of an Espresso.

In celebration of our 1 year birthday (18/9) and the expansion of our retail space in Charlottenlund, we have decided to bring “The Miscela De Forza” back to life, through a collaboration with and it will be the main bean in our grinder to serve your favourite choice of coffee. 


Right next door to our current retail space at Rådhusvej 3, 2920 Charlottenlund, we have busted down the walls, and are now ready with our long awaited community hub and Coffee Shop. 

Opening Hours at The Club and Copenhagen Cycling Club

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 07:30-17:30

Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-15:00


Coffee, Bread & Pastries

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