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The Silca Way 

We’ve all experienced those brief moments of perfection that happen while out on a ride. We’ve heard the perfect silence of a finely tuned road bike, we’ve taken that difficult corner just perfectly during the local cross race, and we’ve all had that perfect few hours out on the bike. And we’re always in pursuit of more of those little moments that make this sport of ours so beautiful. 


SILCA Ultimate Tubeless Sealant Replenisher W/FIBERFOAM


SILCA Ultimate Tubeless Sealant W/FIBERFOAM


Mattone Grande Pack (NEW 22)


Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump


Silca HX-One Home Kit


Silca Seat-Roll Assymetrico


Silca Mattone Saddle Bag


Silca Italian Army Knife Tridici


Silca Tattico Mini Pump


Silca Super Pista Ultimate "Hiro" Edition


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